History of the company

In 1980 company started the design and build of an accounting system ( BPI Systems ), to be marketed to small business. The orginal design was developed to work on the Apple platform with 5 1/4 inch Floppy disks. This was the method available at the time. Later 5 and 10mg hard drives became popular and on to 20mg units combined with a multiplexer to handle multiple computers, hence a redesign was necessary to make the system multi-user. By the early 80's the PC's became available to revile the Apple. The company changed direction and moved over to the PC platform where the system developed and re-developed to handle the increase in hardware and needs of small business.

Later we developed a special modification to the application for the transportation industry more specifically the courier business. It incorporated accounting with the ability to handle Dispath and the specific needs around Zones, Zone Rates and Fuel Surcharges among others.

Then we developed a speciality application using a Spreadsheet and a Word Processor to help the CGRA to operate rodeo events. This deals with events that have one or more competitions in an event. It incorporates Riders, Stock, Contestants, Prize Money and reporting which allows the operator to enter competition results and automatically rank contestants and print PRIZE money results.

Next came another adaption to the accounting system to deal with Job Costing in the construction industry. It needed to have fields to allow for Job numbers, Job location and Job quotes and contract amounts etc. But to do job costing you need labour costs so an employee ledger with special fields to deal with pay rates, charge rates and a variety of income and deduction fields. Some additional reporting was also included to deal with cash flow and progress billing.


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