Job Costing Modules

Logo Main Screen

Logo Main Screen
The first tab is the DIRECTORIES.

This is the basic structure for file names and locations as well as the registration ID.
Some of these you can and need to modify, others are system use only.

Logo Main Screen
The PAYROLL tab has all the standard fields required to do payroll. And some very specialized fields to help with the automation of payperiods like the starting pay period date and what day pay cheques are issued as well as the number of work days used to refer to the normal work week.

Logo Main Screen
This is the Job Ledger module.

This module is where the JOB (project) file is created. It requires a unique ID number for control purposes and a PROJECT NAME and location of the job as well as other relative info such as Superintendant and a contact number as well the required permit number(s). Also required is the company to be BILLED. This is selected from the available list of Vendors/Customers. Other important info like the CONTRACT INFORMATION and QUOTE INFORMATION rounds out the Job Ledger all in order to automate as much as possible.

Logo Main Screen
This is the Employee Ledger module.
This ledger holds personal, valuable information for the purpose of doing payroll. It also is where the PAY RATE, CHARGE RATE and MILEAGE rate are recorded. Necessary data to record costs and produce payroll. This ledger is also connected to PAYROLL PROFILE.

Logo Main Screen

Logo Main Screen
This is a selected vendor that shows the list of invoices to date.
By selecting any one of the items listed you are able to edit and make changes.

Logo Main Screen
This shows a selected range of payperiods for the selected employee and any paycheques recorded.
By selecting any one of the items listed you are able to edit and make changes.

Logo Main Screen

This is the start screen.

From here you access the JOB COST modules and make changes to the Job Cost database.

Select modules are used to create projects, vendors, customers and employees.

Other modules are used to enter vendor invoices, create progress billings and record payroll etc.

The CONFIGURATION is used to set all the structure for database files, company address, logo, GST %, Discount % and Cost Centers.

Structure for payroll, Payroll Types, Pay Periods, Vac and Stat % and location of Payroll Tables for operating year.

Logo Main Screen
The PROFILE tab is used to setup the company name, address and the company logo that is used in the different modules. Other settings include the Discount %, GST number and GST %. As well there are four (4) cost centers to setup and describe there purpose.

Logo Main Screen
The HOLIDAYS tab is used to identify holdays that fall on work days.
The payroll module uses these to establish days OFF as well as days that have extra pay to be calculated.

Logo Main Screen
This is the Vendor Ledger module.

It holds a lot of valuable information needed in a multitude of modules in the system. Besides being required to create a JOB, it is used to record the costs, progress billing and reporting. One important feature is the CONTACTS INFORMATION and the EMAIL accounts. These come in very handy when you are communicating with the vendor. It also allows for one of the special reports, PHONE BOOK, which is very handy to have in the office when you need a quick reference to a vendor. There is an option, to link the email accounts to your OUTLOOK contacts for email purposes (eg. progress billing ) and you also have the ability to print mailing labels ( eg. mailing cheques or progress billing invoices ).

Logo Main Screen
This is the Employee Profile Ledger module. This ledger holds all the necessary data to do the calculations for payroll by knowing how much for GROSS pay as well as supplementary pay like mileage, overtime, vacation and stat pay. It also keeps track of other deductions, taxable allowances, non taxable deductions.

This is the PROGRESS BILLING form.

It is a very busy form, it brings forward the total contract amounts from all other billings and keeps track of each progress billing.

Holdbacks are also taken in account in this process and when the job is complete you can invoice for the accumulated HOLDBACKS amount.

Along with all the normal invoicing options, GST number, GST % and calculation and Discount if applicable.

There is an option to email a copy of this progress billing to your customer or to save as a PDF file.

Logo Main Screen
This is the selected invoice showing the specific details. It has the job identified with the invoice and the defined cost center, tax rate and the invoice due date.

Logo Main Screen
This shows all paycheques for the selected pay period. It shows the employee and hours or gross pay depending on the employee classification ( Hourly or Salary ).

This shows the paycheque calculation form.

It shows the data for the paycheque which identifies the variety of incomes and the status (paid or ACCRUED ) as well as the options to add OTHER ALLOWANCE or NON-TAXABLE pay.

The standard deductions are calculated and an allowance for an OTHER DEDUCTION or an amount to deduct as a payment for a staff purchase.

There is also the GROUP INSURANCE and EMPLOYEE PORTION of deduction for amounts connected with a group plan.


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